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BioRepair-8® Stem Cell Scalp Serum

BioRepair-8® Stem Cell Scalp Serum
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A few drops of this leave-in serum infuse triple-strength levels
of biotin and copper peptides plus 8 natural scalp fortifiers and our AG-Stem Cell Complex to deliver maximum anti-thinning and age-repair around the clock. Scalp and follicle health is revitalized and restored; hair grows in thicker, fuller, and stronger.

Tea Tree, Juniper Berry, Mint Leaf & Spice Essence 



• 86% of users noticed visibly fuller, thicker results after4 weeks*
• 93% of users said hair was more volumized after 4 weeks*
• Removes dead skin cells, build-up and impurities that impede hair growth
• Stimulates, energizes and exfoliates the scalp
• Strengthens and repairs weak hair from the inside out
• Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection

Key Ingredients

• 8 Natural scalp fortifiers (saw palmetto, green tea, caffeine, pumpkin seed oil, nettle, biotinoyl, tripeptide-1, citric acid, oleanolic acid) stop DHT absorption and prevent follicle minimization
• Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) increase microcirculation and exfoliate the scalp
• Apple & Grape (AG) Stem Cell Complex combat follicle aging and preserve youthful cell function
• Biotin and copper peptides strengthen and repair tissue responsible for anchoring new hair growth
• Phytonutrients and vitamins (organic pea sprout, biotin, gingko biloba, tea tree leaf oil, sunflower seed oil, peppermint & rosemary essential oils) thicken and nourish the follicle to aid in new growth, fullness, and shine
• Advanced ColorLast System™ featuring: 
     • Chromaveil® and Heliogenol® for full spectrum color protection
     • FlexShield Technology for heat protection up to 450°
     • A superior blend of vegan proteins derived from potatoes and soy for       maximum strength and repair
     • Rejuvenating botanicals of rosemary, geranium, sage, shiitake mushroom     and yarrow to nourish, balance and protect

How to Use

Use twice daily on damp or dry hair. Apply a few drops to fingertips and massage into the scalp in thinning areas. For optimum results, use with STEP 1 Anti-Thinning Shampoo and STEP 2 Anti-Thinning Condition.


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* Results based on third-party clinical testing of the BioRepair-8 System. Actual results may vary.

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